All of the good that comes with the legalization of cannabis, including benefits to our health, environment, and economy, starts with the farmer. Cannabull was founded to help farmers and cultivators tackle a wide range of challenges. We partnered with Dan James of Bosmere Farms in Monroe, Oregon to design and engineer our flagship product, the Cannabag, as well as our shell liners and larger CropCases. Our agricultural bags address the shortcomings of current market solutions for farmers to handle, dry, store, and transport biomass. We leveraged our decades of experience in packaging and supply chain management to create a superior product. The Cannabag and CropCase prototypes have since been peer-reviewed and validated by processors, handlers, and farmers across the country.

Our Values

Cannabull is committed to sourcing packaging and promoting products that reduce our carbon footprint and ultimately support a new circular economy. Today’s wasteful linear model of produce, use, and dispose is not sustainable long-term. Most of the packaging that we produce globally is not recycled or reused, but instead ends up in our landfills or oceans. In contrast, a circular economy keeps materials in the economy for as long as possible, reducing the need for new inputs and, in turn, the overall consumption of natural resources.

Exciting new innovations and technologies are emerging in the sustainable packaging space, including hemp-based plastic. Hemp-based plastic can biodegrade in months versus hundreds of years for plastic produced from petroleum resin. Hemp plastic can also help reduce the greenhouse effect because hemp consumes three times the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by other crops. We are working with our partners to source hemp plastic for the production of our Cannabags, liners, and other products.


Cannabull gives back to causes that are cutting-edge in the disaster relief and recovery space. We have partnered with OpenWorld Relief, an innovative organization comprised of a diverse group of entrepreneurs, veterans, leadership trainers, doctors, nurses, and emergency response professionals. Their knowledge and experience guides OpenWorld Relief’s execution of multifaceted and nuanced disaster relief strategies.

Through our partnership with OpenWorld Relief, we have been introduced to several interesting projects and technologies, including atmospheric water generation (AWG) technology and Amphicruiser Rescue Emergency Response Vehicles (ERVs).

Net proceeds from our sales go to support OpenWorld Relief as well as the development of AWG technology and Amphicruiser ERVs.

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