Cannabag 2.0

Cannabag 2.0 features 45 cubic feet of storage volume. It is available with our proprietary Full Discharge Bottom (FDB), or a flat bottom. The FDB allows you to control the deposit of flower and biomass into extraction equipment. This model also has lift loops suitable for forklifts and hoists and is ideal for mid-size to large farms.

Available in Ventilated Ventilated fabric is made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) with anti-UV additives and anti-molding properties. Ventilated fabric is ideal for those seeking a more efficient drying solution than costly racking systems. and Non-Ventilated Non ventilated fabric is made from polypropylene resin with anti-UV additives. Five month storage testing in a variable humidity environment has shown no change in net weight of stored product. Standard packaging has shown 1-2% net weight fluctuations. material

Shell Dimensions: 36”x 36” x 60″

Associated Liner Dimensions: 38″ x 37″ x 108″ with 4 mil (.004″) thickness. Exceeds industry standard of 3 mil to provide additional protection to your product.

Available Bottom Finishes: Full Discharge Bottom (FDB), 24″ Discharge Spout (24DS), Flat Bottom (FTBM)

Retail Price (100-250 units): $24/unit (FDB), $22/unit (24DS, FTBM)

Please call 888-425-2855 for volume pricing.