Cannabull partners with farms, farm consortiums, and co-ops to manage various business side aspects of the grow cycle. Our business model allows farmers to stay focused on farming as we take ownership of certain responsibilities and provide farms with vetted referrals for products and services. We aim to help your farm’s bottom line, and we provide vetted solutions that will set you up for success.


Cannabull delivers elements for the entirety of the supply chain within the seed to sale life cycle. Everything from genetics and starter kits all the way up to agricultural products and services inclusive of irrigation equipment, farm products, and harvesting solutions. Our network of partners also handles drying and processing.

Services offered include:
  • Cropshare agreements
  • Hemp crop conversion assistance
  • Turnkey solutions for farmers seeking to grow hemp for the first time
  • Contract negotiation for grown products
  • Facilitation of the sale of biomass
  • Referrals for products and services within our network of partners


What a farmer can expect is fair agreements, transparent communication, and a partner working on their behalf and always in their best interest.

The farmer leads, but Cannabull acts in their best interest when support is needed. If a farmer needs help coordinating labor for weeding or growing, we provide referrals. If they are looking for a fertilizer, we will offer a vetted product suggestion. Cannabull acts as the conduit for all communication. If the partner who owns the genetics or processing side of the applications wants to engage with the grow side for visits or scheduling, or discuss tactics for fertilizer or pesticides or herbicides, Cannabull facilitates and filters all of that communication.

Cannabull is farmer-centric and a leader in developing efficiencies and standards to provide certainty and standardization within the hemp market. We have the knowledge base, expertise, and products to help farmers create economic efficiencies within their practice – through our line of bags, plastic mulching, and other innovative product solutions – as well as our expanded suite of service offerings.