The Original Cannabag

The Original Cannabag provides 6 cubic feet of volume. This bag is ideal for bulk retail level sales of trimmed flower.  It features a duffle strap for ease of handling.

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Available in Ventilated Ventilated fabric is made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) with anti-UV additives and anti-molding properties. Ventilated fabric is ideal for those seeking a more efficient drying solution than costly racking systems. and Non-Ventilated Non ventilated fabric is made from polypropylene resin with anti-UV additives. Five month storage testing in a variable humidity environment has shown no change in net weight of stored product. Standard packaging has shown 1-2% net weight fluctuations. material

Shell Dimensions: 18”x 18”x 32”

Associated Liner Dimensions: 20″ x 19″ x 62″ with 4 mil (0.004″) thickness. Exceeds industry standard of 3 mil to provide additional protection for your product.

Retail Price (100-250 units): $12.75/unit

Please call 888-425-2855 for volume pricing.