Organix A.G. Film

Soil biodegradable agricultural mulch film with performance that matches conventional PE mulch film. At the end of the growing cycle, simply plow the film into the soil. Temperature, humidity, and microorganisms in the soil will turn the film into biomass, water, and carbon dioxide, and leave behind no harmful residue.

Material Highlights:

  • Made with BASF® ecovio®, a globally certified biodegradable and compostable plastic.
  • ecovio® is certified OK SOIL Biodegradable by TÜV AUSTRIA
  • ecovio® meets the international standards for biodegradation outlined in EN 13432.
  • Soil containing the product has undergone various tests (barley and cress test, heavy metal test, IR test, etc.) which show no adverse effects to plant growth.

Farm Benefits:

  • Reduce weeds
  • Enhance moisture control
  • Increase soil temperature
  • Extend growing season
  • Increase plant growth rate
  • Good stretch properties
  • Compatible with conventional equipment

Cost Savings:

  • Reduce labor and transportation costs
  • Eliminate landfill tip fees

Environmental Benefits:

  • Does not pollute the soil as PE film can when remnants are left behind
  • No plastic going to landfill
  • Reduces carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions