Cannabag 4.0

Cannabag 4.0 boasts a massive 101.7 cubic feet of storage volume for the largest of farms.  This model comes with lift loops suitable for forklifts and hoists of any type. Our proprietary Full Discharge Bottom allows you to control the release of flower and biomass into processing and extraction equipment. This streamlines your production process, cutting costs and driving efficiency.

Shell Dimensions: 43”x 43” x 95”

Associated Liner Dimensions:  47″x 44″ x 150″ with 4 mil (.004″) thickness. Exceeds industry standard of 3 mil (.003″) for added protection of your product.

Available Bottom Finishes: Full Discharge Bottom (FDB), 24″ Discharge Spout (24DS) and Flat Bottom (FTBM)

Retail Price (100-250 units): $34/unit (FDB), $31/unit (24DS, FTBM)

Please call 888-425-2855 for volume pricing.