Cannabags are the premier solution for drying, storing, handling, and transporting your product. Durable, reusable, and easy-to-use, they maintain product quality over long-term storage and maximize space during storage and transportation. Cannabags are available in a wide range of sizes and can be customized based on your preference of fabric type and other features such as duffle straps, discharge spouts, and zippers.  

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Cannabags, Cropcases, and the associated liners address current packaging challenges:

  • Non-ventilated bags are made with food-grade woven polypropylene fabric and are resistant to water, ultraviolet rays, tears, punctures, and other environmental factors
  • Ventilated bags are made with high density polyethylene and protect against the entry of insects or pests. They also contain anti-UV additives and act as a safeguard against molding.
Operational Efficiency:
  • All CropCase models feature our proprietary Full Bottom Discharge with compression cinching. This streamlines emptying time and reduces labor costs.
  • The 38” wide bottom can be cinched down to 3-5”, allowing you to control the flow while emptying biomass and/or flower.
  • This Full Bottom Discharge with cinching is specifically geared toward cannabis operators. It differentiates the CropCase line of agricultural bags from generic Super Sacks/Jumbo Bags on the market that lack this feature.
Ease of Use:
  • The bags are freestanding which allows for hands-free filling and emptying at every stage of use.
Storage Space:
  • When in use, the reinforced edge construction allows for easy stacking and efficient use of on-site storage space. When not in use, the outer shells can be stored within one shell at a rate of 12 to 1, reducing storage volume to below 7.6%.
Long-term storage consistency:
  • Five-month storage testing in a variable humidity environment has shown no change in the net weight of product stored in a Cannabag with a liner. Standard packaging has shown 1-2% net weight fluctuations.
Smart transportation:
  • The rigid edge construction allows for ease of stacking and efficient use of space during transport. Using Cannabags instead of poly film bags increases palletized space utilization by up to 30%.

Purchase your Cannabags before your next harvest!

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Reduce Labor Costs
At our test site, we found that the freestanding nature of the Cannabag has reduced filling time by 20%.

Protect Your Investment
Fluctuations in final storage weight and quality represent a significant potential reduction in marketable price. Using a Cannabag with liner helps to prevent these fluctuations and maintain the original quality and moisture level of your product.

Storage Consistency
Five month storage testing with liner, in a variable humidity environment, has shown no change in net weight of stored product.



  • Made of anti-virus mesh to protect against the entry of insects or pests
  • Breathable to prevent mold and mildew
  • Offers an economical alternative to costly racking systems for bulk drying commodity level product.


Remove flowers from stems and place into the ventilated bags in 60-pound increments to achieve rapid drying. After secondary processing eliminates fan leaves, the discharge chute winnows up to 100 lbs. of material in 15 minutes. Following separation, the usable top buds can be returned to the ventilated sacks for final drying. Once desired dryness is achieved, the discharge spout facilitates filling for final storage.


Liners help to maintain desired moisture content over the course of storage and transportation. They seal in the value of your investment as it goes to market. Their other features include:

  • Anti-static
  • 6-month UV
  • 100% recyclable film in blue tint
  • Durable 4 mil FDA-approved material. Exceeds industry standard of 3 mil to further protect your investment.
  • Liner dimensions accommodate the size of each shell.
  • For pricing and dimensions, please refer to the individual pages for Cannabag, CropCase 1.0, CropCase 2.5, and CropCase 4.0.
  • For best results, we recommend pairing the liner with the shell.


Dan James of Bosmere Farms (Monroe, Oregon)